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 A New Approach

As the cap on Social Security attorney fee agreements have increased from $4000.00, to $5,300.00 and now to $6,000.00, at the ANGELLGroup, we believe the higher fees no longer reflect the value of the service being provided. While we strongly encourage you to have attorney representation to increase your chances of success, you do not need to pay $6,000 for attorney representation.

The ANGELLGroup provides experienced attorney representation, for half or less of what other attorneys charge. Our fee is $3000 or 25 percent of past due benefits, whichever is less, but never more than $3,000. There are never any hidden fees with the ANGELLGroup (mailing costs, copying costs, travel) that other attorneys charge beyond their already high fees of up to $6,000.00.

How can we provide experienced attorney representation for one-half, or less, the fees of other attorneys? The answer is in a new approach to Social Security representation. An approach that emphasizes early development and finalizing of your claim verses waiting for a Hearing to be scheduled, a wait that can exceed one year. And, when your claim has been fully developed and supported by attending physician statements, we request an "On-the-Record" Decision, or OTR. OTR's eliminate the need for an in-person Hearing, as well as, the long wait for and stress of an in-person Hearing. What this means for you is: A Quicker Award and at a Lower Cost!


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