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At the ANGELLGroup, we have a *98% award rate and we obtain 92% of these awards without a formal Hearing, which is critical given the current Social Security backlog to schedule a Hearing. Angell has a 67% Award Rate at the initial level almost double the national average of 36% as reported by the Social Security Administration. We focus on getting you awarded and getting you awarded quickly!

How can we provide all attorney representation, the highest success rate and fastest award times for one-half, or less, the fees of other attorneys? The answer is in a new approach to Social Security representation. An approach that emphasizes early development and finalizing of your claim verses waiting for a Hearing to be scheduled, a wait that can exceed one year. And, when your claim has been fully developed and supported by attending
physician statements, we request a Bench Decision. Bench Decision's are fully favorable, on-the-record decisions which eliminate the need for an
in-person Hearing, as well as, the long wait for and stress of an in-person Hearing. The result is 2 out of every 3 cases can be decided favorably
on-the-record. What this means for you is: A Quicker Award and at a Lower Cost!

*98 percent of the people who stay with Angell through all appeals ultimately recieve an award of Social Security Disability benefits. Past results, however, afford no guarantee of future results.


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