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For Savings up to $3,000, there is only one choice, the ANGELLGroup. Our fee is $3000 or 25 percent of past due benefits, whichever is less, but never more than $3,000. There are never any hidden costs (mailing, copying and travel) that other attorneys charge beyond their already high fees of up to $6,000.00.

How can the ANGELLGroup provide experienced attorney representation for one-half, or less, the fees of other attorneys? The answer is in a new approach to Social Security representation. An approach that emphasizes early development and finalizing of your claim verses waiting for a Hearing to be scheduled, a wait that can exceed one year. And, when your claim has been fully developed and supported by attending physician statements, we request an "On-the-Record" Decision, or OTR. OTR's eliminate the need for an in-person Hearing, as well as, the long wait for and stress of an in-person Hearing. What this means for you is: A Quicker Award at a Lower Cost!


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